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“Moonshine” Barrel Aged ROPA 375ml bottle

Same as last year, we will not create unneeded fairytales about quality materials, pure water and fifty kinds of hops. Nor about amazing hard work that our brewers did and super advanced technologies that we have. This is a beer, that was made for ourselves, but was just too good not to share with others. But if You like hearing stories, of course we could tell You how Lithuanians from Samogitia region went to Latvia to make homemade type of vodka drink. How they filtered it through coal and filled oak barrels leaving it for three years to ferment while angry guard dogs looked after it. How this empty barrel was brought by angels to Kaunas, filled with the ROPA goodness and left to ferment for a long time. That‘s why the acid for this beer is a spontaneous biological process, for which nothing from outside was used.

ABV: 6,5%
IBU: 25
EBC: 28
Serving temperature: +7 – +10° C

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